The Spider-80X vibration examination controllers have voltage and IEPE inputs which are suitable for shock, vibration and acoustic dimension or general purpose voltage measurement. Each Spider-80X vibration controller is outfitted with 8 input channels which precisely measure and record both dynamic and fixed signals. The mass flash memory records 8 channels of streaming signals all at once up to 102.4 kHz while at the same time computing real-time time and frequency based functions. An embedded signal resource channel provides various signal outcome waveforms that are integrated with the input tasting price.


The Crawler’s performance is the very best in class with the highest possible dynamic series of any type of comparable item. With patented technology, the Spider-80X achieves 150 dBFS input dynamic range specified during domain name. Each measurement channel finds signals as tiny as 6 μV and as big as ± 20 V. Such high dynamic range gets rid of the need for input variables and or acquires setups of standard data acquisition systems. A broadband drifting factor DSP handles the data input/output and real-time handling.


The Spider-80X vibration examination controllers are managed by a host computer or run in Black Box setting, where a pre-programmed timetable is downloaded to the unit and started manually or based upon an event trigger. The capacity to utilize any vibration test controller in Black Box mode or in a network distributed system means that users are able to place components near the dimension object. It is feasible to control the vibration using electromagnetic systems running in the energetic or semi-active setting.

Vibration Control Solution

The presence of vibrations in mechanical equipment limits the accuracy of high-precision applications, so using a vibration control system is required. The control could be attained with various technologies utilizing passive or active services. Various passive remedies have actually been executed to solve the vibration issue in heavy structures or systems, looking for either dissipate the power created by the resonances. The major concept of an active vibration system is the generation of a force equal and in the opposite direction to the forces generated by the mechanical system. A generic structure of an active control system could be divided into 2 components:


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