Quick storage space in Zenbook uk301


Additionally, boot up time was a barely recognizable 6sec (from the time the power switch was pressed up until the Windows 8 login display appeared), and the system awoke from resting nearly immediately when we raised the cover. In our Blender or food processor 3D providing a test, the Zenbook got a time of 36sec, which is among the best times we have actually seen for an Ultrabooks, while in Handbrake it took over 18min to turn DVD documents into an MP4. As for the graphics, they videotaped 51819 in 3DMark’s Ice Tornado test in the Cloud Gate test and 879 in the Fire Strike test.

Battery life

Considering several Ultrabooks that we have actually seen recently could last upwards of 5hr in this exact same examination, the Zen book’s battery is a disappointment, yet it’s a factor of the high-resolution screen. When we made use of the Zenbook for typical Web surfing and with a low brightness, we took care of to just over 4hr out of it. One point that was bothersome about the zenbook ux301 throughout our examinations was the continuous switching of the power account.

We mostly wanted to run the Ultrabooks in high-efficiency setting, both in battery mode and when plugged in, however it constantly returned back to the ASUS-specific Power4Gear Power Saving (or Power4Gear High Efficiency) account when we switched from plugged-in to battery setting. It used the specific profile that we set.

Layout and construct Performance

The Zenbook UX301LA is a flashy lid that’s reflective honored with a spiral pattern that originates from the central ASUS logo. That logo illuminates whenever the laptop is powered on. The palm remainder has a matte surface that feels good against the skin, and incorporated with a chic let-style, backlit keyboard, the Zenbook gives a comfy total keying experience.

Storage space is an additional location where the Zenbook UX301LA is above average. Instead of relying on simply one solid state drive (SSD), ASUS has actually installed two SSDs in a RAID 0, to produce a fast single drive with a useful capacity of 216GB. In CrystalDiskMark, this RAID 0 range taped a read price of 899 megabytes per 2nd and a compose price of 544MBps.


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